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Welcome Wonderful Women of the World!  We are glad you have found us and we, likewise, have found you. At Tara we celebrate all facets of the feminine from tender to fierce. Tara’s unique designs will speak to your heart and touch your soul.  Pronounce to the world what you personify: Love, Peace, Balance. Join us in amplifying the feminine spirit!  

Giving Back

Tara believes in giving, in lending a helping hand, in infinite compassion.  We believe in supporting acts of creation and sustenance.  We want our support to be far reaching into some of the world’s least developed countries where poverty and conflict create unimaginable adversity. Kiva microloans support entrepreneurial endeavors in agriculture, education and business. We choose to provide support through Kiva because 80% of the borrowers are wonderful women in 85 countries of the world. 

Tara donates 10% of all sales to empower women worldwide through agricultural microloans.  Join the Tara Lending Team to start giving back.

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